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5 Pinterest Ad Types & How You Can Take Advantage of Them

By October 23, 2022No Comments
pinterest ad types

What are the Pinterest ad types that you can use on the popular social platform? Continue reading to learn more!

Pinterest has a primary perception of being an aesthetic social platform where people go to view images. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Pinterest has grown to incorporate a powerful system where people don’t just go to save ideas. They take product recommendations, save potential purchases, and frequently visit product pages. 

With more than 430 million active users each month, Pinterest is one of the largest audience bases for marketers and businesses. According to statistics, advertisers can reach up to 200 million Pinterest users through their marketing efforts. 

Given that Pinterest has a high potential for marketers and is growing more every day, you should be aware of all the different Pinterest ad types a business can use to advertise on the platform. So, here is a breakdown of all the Pinterest ad specs and how your business can benefit from them. Keep reading. 

5 Pinterest ad types for your social media marketing campaigns

Pinterest ads are one of the cheapest forms of online advertisements. They get you more than double the return on investment compared to ROIs on competitor social media platforms. People are already searching for ideas and products for different events when they are on the platform; you just need to bring your business in front of them. 

pinterest ad types

Pinterest ad types. Source:

To let the audience know about your brand, you can use Pinterest ads. There is a paid and a free option as well, and you can choose one or a combination of different Pinterest ad types. 

Here are all the formats you should know about as a marketer and a business owner. 

Type 1: Static picture ads

These are one of the most basic Pinterest ad types. They have Promoted pins where that appear on the user feed like regular pins, except for the fact that there is a promoted sign written at the bottom of the pin. They don’t hinder the search experience by popping up or appearing on separate ad spaces. 

If you are just starting and don’t have much experience with Pinterest ad types, this is a good place to get in front of your target audience. 

The size and format of the promoted pin are the same as a regular pin. Users can save, share, like, comment, and engage with it, just like with other non-promoted pins. Once a user shares the promoted pin, the promoted sign vanishes, and it appears as a normal pin.

On resharing that same pin, Pinterest will give free and organic exposure as the pin will start appearing in more feeds. 

To bring in more conversions for the advertiser, the promoted pin takes you to the website of the business directly with one click instead of zooming in like in the case of regular pins.

You can make a static image pin in PNG or JPEG format with a size of up to 20 MB. The recommended ratio for this pin is 2:3 for maximum exposure. 

Type 2: Video Pins

Video marketing is growing in popularity. Online videos have a global reach of up to 90%. More stats suggest that 82% of all internet traffic will originate from some form of video content. Given the rising popularity of videos, it is only wise to incorporate this multimedia into your marketing and ads strategy. 

Fortunately, one of the Pinterest ad types is video ads. These are similar to the static image ads, except instead of an image, you are now using a video in the pin. Video ads are remarkable in grabbing the attention of a scroller who is just going over multitudes of image pins.

Moreover, there is more space for creativity in a video pin as you can display more information, a series of products, or even give an overview of your entire business. 

There are two different video Pinterest ad types. One of them is a standard pin size, while the other is an extended pin. The extended video ad takes up the space of two regular pins on the feed. As soon as the video pin comes in 50% view of the user, it automatically starts playing. 

You can upload up to 2 GB worth of content in the video ad. The video can be as short as 4-5 seconds and as long as 10-15 minutes. 

pinterest video ad

Pinterest ad types: Video

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Type 3: Carousel ads

Carousel ads are one of the Pinterest ad types that are skyrocketing in popularity. You can see a high return on such ads. Carousel ads are similar to the regular promoted pin ads except for the fact that you can add more than one image.

There is the option to add 2-5 images per post or pin. A user can swipe through these images instead of just viewing one static image. 

Carousel ads are a great way to showcase more than one product or different angles of the same product. These can be differentiated by the small dots that appear underneath the ads. The “promoted” label also appears below the pin, just like in regular pins. 

You can add images in PNG or JPEG format of up to 32 MB per image

Type 4: Shopping Pinterest Ads

As the name suggests, shopping ads help a business move towards more purchases. These Pinterest ad types are specifically good for e-commerce businesses with a range or a whole catalog of products. 

Shopping ads on Pinterest are one of the easiest to handle as well. You can add product images yourself or link your website or catalog page directly to Pinterest, and the social platform will do the work itself of showing the targeted audience your product pictures.

Shopping ads are perfect for reaching a targeted group audience instead of random users. 

These ads are visible on both PCs and mobile screens. You can only add one image or video for the advertisement. It is recommended that you try to link as many products on the added picture as you can. Attach at least 3-5 products in the shopping ads.

For all the products you attach in the shopping ads image, white dots appear. Users can click on these dots to know the complete details of the attached products. 

You can attach a buy button directly with the pin or redirect the pin to take the users to the product page on your website, where the users can make the purchase. Shopping ads have the same size as regular pins, and they don’t require regular maintenance. 

shopping ads

Pinterest ad types: Shopping. Image source:

Type 5: Collection ads

Collection ads are similar to shopping ads. For these Pinterest ad types, you have the option of adding a main video or image that appears on the top and takes up the main space and a few supplemental images. As a user clicks on the supplemental images, the ad opens up to display up to 24 additional images. 

The collection ads are great for e-commerce businesses that want to showcase a range of their products. You can add the main video to give an overview, and then the images can show the real products you sell. 

One standout thing for collection ads is that if you have a catalog embedded in your business Pinterest profile, the social platform will do the work of creating ads for your itself. However, these ads are only presented on mobile screens, but this still gives you a huge audience as most people worldwide today use cell phones. 

Bonus Ad Spec: Try-Out Pins

These are one of the newest additions to Pinterest ad types. Try-out product pins embed the new-age technological advancement of augmented reality with Pinterest. By using these pins, you can create a virtual shopping experience for your users. 

Try-out pins allow the users to try on the products they are interested in. These pins are especially beneficial for beauty, cosmetics, fashion, lifestyle, and related businesses. It creates a virtual green room where the users can open their cameras and see in real-time how the product will look on them. 

But this ad type is newly launched and is not currently available in all countries. It is also in its initial stages of being tested so, but we will hopefully get to see where it goes soon. So, it is a good time for businesses to start thinking about strategies to incorporate try-out pins in their marketing campaigns. 

How can a business use different ad types to skyrocket sales?

Pinterest users come to the platform to look for different ideas. They are not there to catch up with friends or post pictures. Pinterest has a type, and its fits perfectly with the shopper’s mindset. So, it would be unwise to leave this huge gaping opportunity without giving it a try. 

You can use the Pinterest ad types to pique interest in your content, as visual media creates more engagement than text. You can even bring users to your blog or incorporate it into your content marketing strategy by creating a pin ad that gives out relevant information. 

If you are a new business, try going with something simple like standard pins or shopping ads where you don’t need much maintenance. As you grow, make sure to add video content, too, as it brings in more engagement. For an e-commerce business, make buying easy for the customers by using shopping ads, carousel ads, and collection ads. 

Pinterest is also relatively cheap compared to other channels – the Pinterest advertising cost ranges between $2 and $5 per click.

Try Pinterest ad types now

Pinterest is a growing platform, and it can help your brand to grow as well by bringing it in front of millions of users. Pins certainly make your site and content more interesting.

Moreover, Pinterest users are some of the most loyal users of the platform, and you can turn them into loyal customers for your business too. Work on your Pinterest strategy, incorporate one or more Pinterest ad types and watch your business flourish. 

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