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10 Breathtaking Pinterest Ads Examples To Get Inspiration From

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pinterest ads examples

What are some of the best Pinterest ads examples that we can get inspiration from? Continue reading to learn more!

Pinterest has long sought to establish itself among marketers as a credible alternative  other well-established social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Pinterest has made significant progress toward this ambition over the last year, and that’s why Pinterest advertising is on the rise.

Pinterest increased its monthly user base from 100 million to 150 million between 2015 and 2016. All of these individuals are now searching, saving, re-pinning pins, and exploring new brands.

Whereas other social media platforms continue to outnumber Pinterest in total monthly active users, Pinterest users are 47% more likely to be exposed to new companies than users of other social networks.

That statistic in itself should persuade you to promote it on Pinterest. If not, the rest of this article with Pinterest ads examples should suffice.

pinterest ad examples

Why should you advertise on Pinterest?

The reach may be astounding. If your content is interesting and helpful, it can be re-pinned to multiple users’ boards and lead customers to your site.

Pins last considerably longer than Tweets or Instagram postings. Because of their duration, they are a very potent asset. Pins might appear in a user’s feed months after they were first placed.

All of this is to indicate that a Pinterest paid advertising campaign is not a bad idea, and Pinterest ads examples might assist in reinforcing your organic presence by establishing momentum with potential consumers and enhancing brand awareness.

After you’ve targeted your market, you’ll be able to select a maximum cost-per-click (CPC). You can specify a bid amount here just to ensure that you do not spend more than a particular amount for a single impression or click. Pinterest will notify you if it is competitive or not.

Are Pinterest ads worth the money spent on them?

For digital advertisers, Pinterest advertising may be incredibly effective.

Pinterest claims to have a 2.3x lower cost per conversion than other social media platforms, as well as a 2x greater Return on Assets (ROA) for retail companies.

Pinterest may reach mind-blowing success if you have strong creative materials and data-driven targeting strategies.

Brands offering items that naturally generate greater interest on the platform, on the other hand, have the potential to generate genuinely spectacular profits. This encompasses categories of internet purchasing such as:

  • Interior Design
  • Culinary
  • Arts and crafts
  • Fashion
  • Beauty

However, only with the right Pinterest marketing strategy can businesses from a broad range of industries benefit from Pinterest ads examples.

Brands with a limited time frame can benefit from the platform by using Pinterest marketing services provided by a professional service firm. Employing qualified staff will not only save time but also shorten their path to success.

Top 10 highly effective Pinterest ads examples

Are you looking to create advertising that will captivate your target audience and generate a lot of conversions?

Here are ten tried-and-true strategies for creating highly successful sponsored pins, along with actual examples of Pinterest ads from the marketing industry.

1. Vaseline the Cracked Paintings Ad 

The world of social media networks changes at breakneck speed, and Pinterest is no exception. Your target audience will be browsing through pins and seeking out new content in their home feed at incredible speeds.

If you want to stand out in an ultra-competitive Pinterest feed, you need to be direct with your advertising message.

Pinterest ad examples

Pinterest ads examples: Vaseline

A visual demonstration of Vaseline’s healing powers on cracked paintings. The simplicity of this Pinterest advertisement contributes to its impact. Vaseline compares its visually appealing advertisement to the cracked paintings, and it is clear what the company is offering.

2. Recommendations for Interactive Shows by Netflix

Everyone appreciates commercials with a little flare and interaction, which is why Netflix’s “interactive show recommendation” Idea Pin took the top rank. 

pinterest ad examples

Pinterest ads examples: Netflix

The premise is absurdly simple: The ad has five segments that consumers may touch. The best part? 

Since Idea Pins automatically display the next frame when pressed, the ad creates the idea of participation by urging visitors to tap a certain number of times to receive a personalized show suggestion.

3. Visa mobile payment video ad

The popularity of video on the Pinterest platform is surging, offering marketers a lucrative opportunity. A video ad might help your business stand out in the Pinterest homepage feed right away.

In a sea of static photos, the appropriate video assets may provide motion, color, and interest. Another great way to highlight the advantages of your product and make important points in an engaging way is through video.

Visa grabbed the attention of millennials on Pinterest by utilizing the eye-catching action of featured videos, each of which lasted only 10 seconds. Their built-for-mobile ad raises awareness of the numerous creative ways to pay with Visa.

4. IKEA custom quiz ad

The call-to-action button is a little aesthetic component of your Pinterest advertising, but it is among the essential areas of any campaign.

Make sure your Pinterest advertising features a clear, appealing, and action-oriented CTA. If at all feasible, add a CTA to both your ad images and ad copy.

pinterest ad examples - ikea

Pinterest ads examples: IKEA

For one campaign, IKEA created an AI-powered chatbot quiz experience called Renocations on their website, inviting customers to respond to questions about their favorite locations and activities before referring them to a personalized Pinterest board that mirrored their major renovation objectives.

5. Garnier’s whole blend ad

You must also strive to make your ads feel genuine and organic to the Pinterest site. Examine the sort of material that’s showing up in your Pinterest feed – many postings offer creative photos and eye-catching photographs.

Garnier may have simply gone for typical product pins but instead created a visually stunning item that always stands out in a crowded stream.

The products are displayed in an appealing manner and properly shot. The advertisement also shows the contents of each product, which is a creative use of images.

Pinterest ads examples: Garnier

6. Volvo’s lifestyle ads

Trying to keep things clean and basic might help your material feel more fresh. This Volvo advertisement is a great illustration of how minimal language and lifestyle photos can work together to offer exactly what customers need to know.

pinterest ads examples

Pinterest ads examples: Volvo

7. Kérastase Influencer Campaign

Influencer marketing on Pinterest can indeed be extremely powerful, and working with the proper content creators may be a real game changer for marketers.

Kérastase, a hair care brand, enlisted the help of numerous Pinterest content creators to promote a brand-new shampoo product, using a combination of sponsored ad formats to amplify the influencer content.

pinterest ads examples

Pinterest ads examples: Kérastase

Kérastase was able to connect with a fresh new audience of eager customers that were already enthusiastic about haircare products by collaborating with prominent beauty influencers.

8. Scotch’s creator-driven ad 

Tape, scissors, and go! Since Pinterest is a well-liked social media platform for crafters, companies like Scotch, known for its extensive line of crafting supplies, are in luck.

In an effort to inspire parents (and their kids) to DIY fun back-to-school crafts like pencil organizers and teacher’s gifts, Scotch created a number of commercials.

9. MANGO Comfy collection campaign 

For the launch of its “Comfy” product line and to increase brand recognition, MANGO used Pinterest video advertisements.

To advertise the Comfy collection, MANGO’s video commercial employed motion to catch users’ attention and minimal text overlays. In order to maintain viewer interest in a crowded stream, it is essential that the clip be brief and to the point. The MANGO creative concept wasn’t revolutionary, but it checked all the necessary boxes.

10. Wix — create your free website ad

If a prospect clicks on your ad and is then sent to an irrelevant landing page, they are likely to get puzzled and upset – not feelings that normally lead to a completed transaction.

Instead, make sure you’re taking your target audience on a logical and user-friendly route. Put yourself in their position and consider what they anticipate seeing when they click on your ad.

Both the ad images and copy are fairly clear in this case. If a person wants to establish a website using Wix, they may do so by clicking on the ad.

Users are sent to the landing page after clicking on this advertisement.

Pinterest ads examples: Wix


Pinterest offers some of the most effective ways for businesses to reach new audiences, increase sales, and engage customers. 

When compared to other social platforms, shopping advertising on Pinterest delivers three times the conversions and twice the higher intensity return on ad spend, making it excellent potential for businesses.

Pinterest content, when combined with the behavioral statistics mentioned above, serves as a place for shoppers to confirm their purchasing decision. If you’re still unsure whether Pinterest ads examples are right for you, try running a few test campaigns.

One point to keep in mind is that Pinterest advertising should not be your primary emphasis in Pinterest marketing; it will be far more efficient when combined with organic campaigns.

If you can get users to find your content by having it re-pinned by others, these can help you gain a lot of traction on the site. That is a long-term advantage that does not involve any financial commitment on your part.

So, like with most other platforms, focus on combining organic and PPC marketing on Pinterest for the greatest results.

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