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How Much Does SEO Cost in Bulgaria? 5 Things to Know

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Search engine optimization is still a relatively new concept to grasp for many businesses in Bulgaria. While marketing experts and business owners are starting to learn about the importance of incorporating SEO into their campaigns, there is still a lot of confusion regarding various aspects of SEO.

One significant factor that eludes people is the cost of SEO in Bulgaria, and the cost of SEO in general, especially when compared with services such as paid advertising.

Currently, there are no actual standard prices for various SEO services. It encompasses and depends on a wide range of factors. If you are looking to speed up SEO efforts for your business website, keep reading to explore more about the SEO cost in Bulgaria and the most critical factors involved. 

seo cost in bulgaria

Why should you do SEO for your business?

Before we dig into SEO cost in Bulgaria, let’s take a quick look at why it should be a part of your marketing campaign. SEO can have a multitude of advantages for your website. Winning one of the top spots on the first page of Google and other search engines is a means to several high points for your business. 

The most important factor about SEO is that it requires you to improve your website and its interface to get ranked. In the process, your site becomes more user-friendly, better designed, and with improved content. All these lead to more organic traffic coming to your site and getting acquainted with your business. 

With more traffic, more people are likely to tune into loyal customers, which means improved sales and ROI. Moreover, SEO doesn’t just lead to more monetary benefits.

There are other indirect advantages for your business, such as increased visibility and promotion for your brand. You will be able to stand out from the competition. 

Perhaps, one of the essential advantages of SEO is that it helps you capture a new segment of the market that you might not have even thought about. With targeted efforts in other marketing campaigns, you might be missing a niche segment that can potentially form a big sales pond for your business.

As SEO puts your website at the top and anyone in the world can search for the right keywords and visit it, your business can end up capturing an entirely new market segment as paying customers. So, SEO leads to limitless earning potential for your business. 

seo cost in bulgaria

What does SEO cost in Bulgaria?

The SEO cost in Bulgaria will vary with several factors. The factors range from the services you need and the time needed to provide those services to your location and the service model you select for SEO services. Here are some of the top points to remember when trying to figure out what budget you should set for SEO costs in Bulgaria. 

1. The pricing model of the agency

SEO cost in Bulgaria varies depending on the pricing model you choose. For most service providers, there are mostly three types of pricing models – monthly retainer, hourly, and per project. 

The monthly retainer project usually costs relatively less than the other two models. It depends on the service provider, the size of your business, the range of services you want, and some other factors in determining a definite price range for SEO services. Agencies, individual experts, and contractors all might charge different prices for SEO monthly retainers. 

However, a monthly retainer is mostly the apt choice for SEO, as ranking on search engines is not a one-time thing. It requires constant work, so instead of hiring for projects repeatedly, most businesses prefer to go for monthly retainers and management services. 

The other pricing model is hourly services. This is mainly related to consulting services related to SEO. Hourly services can cost a bit more than monthly retainers. 

Another pricing model is project-based. For project-based models, prices again depend on the range of the services you want, how big your project is, and the service provider you choose, but this time, it is a one-time payment. This is not a retainer. SEO projects can be a bit expensive. 

One of the factors on SEO cost in Bulgaria will depend on which pricing models you choose. 

2. Competitor and keyword research

This is another point on which the SEO cost in Bulgaria will depend. A big portion of SEO is about research. It involves researching the competitors and their ranking strategies. It also involves a major part of keyword research. You can only rank on search engines if you choose the right keywords. While there may be a long list of keywords that match your business, not all of them are right for you. 

So, you need to research the best keywords to do your SEO. There are several tools for that. In some cases, the service provider may have subscriptions to different tools for conducting research. However, others, especially freelancers and individual service providers, won’t have a subscription to the tools. In those cases, you might have to pay for the tools. 

Some service providers might add the cost of tools to your overall bill, while others might consult you about them separately. But the cost of tools for conducting research is an influencer on the SEO cost in Bulgaria. You should also consider whether you are looking for local SEO or a more traditional approach.

search engine optimization keywords

3. Competitiveness of the keywords

You may already have a list of keywords your business is trying to rank for, or you may ask the SEO professional to provide one. In both cases, SEO cost in Bulgaria will be affected by the competitiveness of the targeted keywords. 

If it is hard to rank for a certain chosen keyword and more extensive content marketing efforts are required, the SEO service provider may charge more. For less competitive keywords, ranking on the top page is easier, and less effort is needed to create content and adjust the site. 

While it is better to go for less competitive keywords as it will be significantly easier to get in front of a niche audience very quickly, some businesses want to go where the volume is and, in these cases, persistent and focused content marketing campaigns are needed which will increase the price for the business. 

4. Size of the company

The company’s size is a major factor in determining the SEO cost in Bulgaria. You will certainly need more SEO services if your business is a large enterprise or a big corporation. Mostly, the larger the size of the business, the more the SEO services will cost in Bulgaria. 

Small and medium businesses or startups do not require extensive or big-budget content marketing campaigns, significantly reducing their SEO cost in Bulgaria. 

5. The scope of SEO services

Several things come under SEO services. It is not just about content creation or keyword research, although those are the biggest areas of SEO. It also involves an SEO audit of the website to see where the site is lacking and how it can be improved.

Technical SEO involves making website navigation user-friendly, Keyword research and integration, content writing and content creation, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, analytics, and reporting. 

Most SEO service providers will charge significantly more if there is much technical work involved in ranking your website. Content writing and creation might cost a bit less, but the researching part might again cost more. 

So, the overall cost depends on what range of services you want from the service provider. If you want a complete package where they will set up the website, research, and create content, you are looking at a high price tag. If you already have some of the things covered and are only hiring for one or a few services, you will be able to pay far less. 


How much does SEO cost in Bulgaria?

Exactly how much SEO costs in Bulgaria is difficult to say because there are a lot of factors to keep in mind – such as scope, technical and content work, whether it’s a one-time project or a long term strategy, and more. With our SEO agency, you can start boosting your traffic from as little as 580 levas per month. 

It is also sensible to mention that SEO is not a standalone field. It is a part of the bigger picture – your website. For SEO efforts to succeed, you must collaborate in a few fields, such as website design, website development, content writing, graphic designer, and more. So, you must not also consider associated costs with SEO, as it will only work if other parts of your website are in sync. 

Poor domain authority, broken links, or insecure website links will drop your SEO score. Design and user interface also have a big impact on SEO rankings. There are hundreds of factors that come into play in doing SEO successfully. So, you have to keep the big-picture costs in mind when planning a campaign. 

What to consider when looking for SEO cost in Bulgaria?

SEO cost in Bulgaria will not be the same or even similar for every service provider. Agencies use different models to price their packages. While there may be no standard values of cost for you to consider, there are some important factors you should look for when hiring an SEO expert or an agency. 

It is better to go for an agency that provides a full-scale SEO solution. Instead of scrambling in different places and trying to find service providers for separate activities, it is more efficient and cost-effective to go for one agency or service provider.

Moreover, you should look for an agency that provides a range of price packages. So, you can pick one that suits you instead of being stuck with a fixed price. 

We provide different price packages as well. Our prices start at 580 leva per month, and we provide a range of SEO services at highly affordable costs in Bulgaria. Ready to get started with SEO? Contact us and we will build the right strategy for you!

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