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3 Quick Steps to Hiring SEO Services in Bulgaria

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a major part of digital marketing. It is a widely used tool in all marketing strategies. Using SEO for your business helps you rank your business website higher and increases visibility on different search engines like Google.

It ensures that your website pages become easily findable and they pop up in search results when users make search queries using certain keywords. If you plan to hire SEO services in Bulgaria, here are a few steps you should be aware of. So, let’s get started!

seo services in bulgaria

Why is SEO important?

As every business wants to experience growth and progress, using SEO helps you do that exactly. To keep it very simple, when you use SEO services in Bulgaria, it improves your online visibility, more and more people get to see your website, and it increases the chances of people coming across and buying your product or service.

There are different types of SEO that help you with different kinds of targeting, such as local SEO, which works on a physical location and makes your business more visible in local search results. 

Are SEO Services in Bulgaria Beneficial?

Did you know that SEO was forecasted to increase from 11.44 to 79.27 billion US dollars from the period 2008 to 2015? 

SEO services are beneficial and can be worth it if you use the right kind of strategies and ensure that you are working with someone who has enough knowledge and experience in SEO. Whether you are a small or large business, SEO services can be very effective as they lead to long-term growth. 

They can also help you with an impressive return on investment and generate more organic and quality leads. Moreover, SEO services can help you compete with your competitors in a better manner, and when your website lands on the first search page on Google, it will improve credibility in front of the customers as well. 

How to hire SEO services in Bulgaria

When researching for SEO services in Bulgaria, you will probably stumble across multiple agencies and freelancers ready to offer their knowledge. Unfortunately, not all of them are trustworthy, so you should do your due diligence very carefully. Here are some of our tips on how to do your research properly.

1. Find the right agency for your business

Figuring out which SEO Services in Bulgaria to hire can be a little tricky and is not always an easy decision. To make your task easier, you should know which company fits within the requirements that you have so that you are easily able to communicate and work with them.

Here are a few tips you could watch out for when you research the best SEO agency.

marketing agency

1.2. Think of a clear goal

Before you decide which SEO agency is right or wrong for you, you should be clear on what you want or what your goals are. When you are clear on your goals, you will understand the reason why you need an SEO agency in the first place and what services you require from them. 

For example, some agencies specialize in on-page SEO, while others are mainly focused on local SEO. There are also Marketing companies that focus on delivering off-page SEO, and of course, some agencies like Marketing Toolbox can offer the full service for you. Having a clear goal in mind will help you find the right service provider for your business.

1.3. Ask for references

As SEO is not a one-time process but a long-term marketing strategy that you have to opt for, it is vital to make sure that the SEO Services in Bulgaria are authentic and reliable.

When you come across an agency, you can ask for references, take a look at previous projects, and also ask to be connected with their previous clients. 

1.4. Check their knowledge

Instead of simply believing in the claims of the company, you should have an interview or a discussion with them to question their knowledge of SEO. Ask them about ranking algorithms, techniques, and strategies they use for successful SEO. Also, inquire about the procedures they follow in different situations. 

1.5. Look at online reviews

After you have asked them for references, you must look at online reviews as they offer a direct insight into the experience that people had. The reviews will help you understand what kind of services the agency provides, what to expect from them, and what their expertise is. 

1.6. Monitor their communication

If you want to stay happy with your SEO results, then it is important that the company you have hired is constantly in touch with you. This way, you will also be satisfied that you are receiving regular updates, are getting a good return on your investment, and the company is keeping you in the loop about the SEO performance. 

The best part about our SEO agency is that we take great care to ensure that we adapt according to the requirements of all our clients, including international ones, and are flexible enough to accommodate them.

Moreover, we are the best SEO Services in Bulgaria that you can hire as we offer a complete package deal to our customers. 

seo services in bulgaria

2. Get a proposal

When you have finally decided on hiring SEO Services in Bulgaria, then the next step is to ensure that you get a proposal from them. While any reputable SEO agency will provide the proposal themselves, you can also request one once you have made up your mind about hiring them.

When receiving the proposal from them, make sure it has all the necessary details. 

Some agencies also offer ready-made SEO packs so you can get a better idea of what to expect for your project, instead of waiting for days to hear back from them with a proposal.

2.1. Strategies they will be using

If you want your business growth to be effective and long-term, you will have to ensure that the SEO Services in Bulgaria use the right tools. Ask them about what SEO tools they have in mind and whether you will be getting an insight into the measurements to see for yourself if they are accurate or not. 

2.2. Ask what the progress will be like

When you form an agreement with SEO Services in Bulgaria, ask them about the results they will provide within a few weeks or a month. While SEO results cannot be guaranteed beforehand, it will be great if you get a little idea at first so you know what you should be expecting. 

2.3. Cost of SEO services in Bulgaria

While you might have already discussed what they will be charging for their services, you should get it in writing as well to avoid confusion later on. Also, confirm if they will be willing to reduce the charges for you or will be considering any discounts.

After you tell them your complete requirements, request them to create a custom package for you that isn’t too expensive and falls within your SEO budget

2.4. Communication channels

No matter what kind of services you are getting, communication is highly important if you want to stay up-to-date with the performance of SEO. When you communicate with them and have a discussion, you will also be able to come up with ideas on how to improve SEO, what areas to target, and where the goal has been reached. 

As the agency will also be dealing with other clients at the same time, you can ask them to connect you with one person who will be handling your SEO services in Bulgaria and keeping you informed on all the essential details. 

As SEO Services in Bulgaria, we make sure that we deliver the requested proposal to our clients within 24 hours or even less than that. We know how precious the time of our customers is, so we make sure that the proposal gets ready without wasting any time so that we can move forward with our work. 

seo services in bulgaria

3. Get a free SEO audit and quote

When hiring SEO Services in Bulgaria, you will have to get an SEO audit done so you can build a customized strategy for the success of the business. An SEO audit will help you understand what changes your website needs to go through, and the service provider will also be aware of how many and what changes they need to make. 

Moreover, during the SEO audit, you will be able to learn what latest trends are being used in the industry by other competitors, and you will be getting ideas on what successful strategies are being used. 

However, not all agencies offer a free SEO audit. When requesting a quote from Marketing Toolbox, you will get a basic SEO audit for free, without any commitment.

3.1. What does the quote include?

Getting a quote from the SEO services agency will be a professional approach to deciding all the costs and terms for the services that they will be providing. A quote usually includes the date the quote was given, the expiry date of the quote, and the description of the services for which that particular quote was given. 

If you approach us for SEO services, we not only offer free SEO audits and quotes, but we hold discussions with our clients to make sure that they have no doubts and also offer a 30-minute talk so things can become clear for everyone about where the business stands. 


Now that you have been through all the details and steps on hiring SEO Services in Bulgaria, we hope hiring an SEO agency wouldn’t be hard for you anymore. We have outlined all the important points you will have to consider before picking an SEO services agency, so you don’t have to do much research.

If you are struggling to find the best SEO services agency, you can reach out to us today, and we promise that we will ensure that we will help you with exactly what your business needs are. 

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