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As Bill Gates said back in 1996, "Content is king" - and although Marketers are already tired of hearing this phrase, we can't deny how true it is even today, 25 years later. Today, content is everywhere, and it comes in all shapes and sizes - as blog posts, infographics, social media posts and stories, and even videos on YouTube and TikTok. Everywhere we go on the Internet, we are surrounded by content. For this reason, as a Content Marketing agency, we believe that every business should leverage its full potential - and we are here to help you achieve that.

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Despite the fact that we spend most of our time on the Internet consuming content, many businesses still underestimate its importance for driving website traffic and generating high-quality leads.

As a Content Marketing agency, we are here to change that. In fact, content not only helps you establish yourself as a trustworthy business and an expert in your niche in the eyes of your audience, but it is also key for getting better rankings on search engines.

Marketing Journey

Our Content Marketing services can help you establish yourself as an authoritative and trustworthy business in the eyes of both your target audience and search engines. However, we are not only a Content Marketing agency – we offer end-to-end Marketing services to accompany you through the whole Marketing journey, from positioning on search engines through SEO to managing your PPC campaigns on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.

Better Rankings

Content is a powerful ally when it comes to positioning on search engines like Google and Bing. By publishing high-quality articles enriched with the right keywords, you can get thousands of visits to your website organically, without paying a single cent to Google as opposed to paid advertising. We are experts in Search Engine Optimization, and we can create content that ranks on the first page so you can discover the full potential of SEO.

Content Marketing FAQ

What is Content Marketing?

In simple words, Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach that involves the creation of different types of content – such as videos, whitepapers, articles, e-books, infographics, podcasts, blogs, how-to guides, etc. – and distributing it to a targeted online audience.

How is content distributed?

Some ways in which content can be distributed include social media, blog posts, landing pages, outreach campaigns, email send outs, and even paid campaigns, among other strategies.

What are the goals of Content Marketing?

A great Content Marketing strategy can help you achieve a variety of goals – including brand awareness, better customer engagement, generating leads or driving more sales for your business.

What kind of content can you create for me?

Here are some examples of content that we can create for you: SEO-focused blog posts, infographics and illustrations, eBooks & whitepapers, organic social media content, and Email Marketing content, among others.

Why should you choose Marketing Toolbox?

At Marketing Toolbox, we don’t see ourselves as a Social Media Marketing agency only – we see ourselves as an extension of your team, as your trusted partner. We are honest and transparent with all we do, and believe that working closely with our clients is the best way to achieve their goals.

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