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With a network of over +750 million professionals, LinkedIn is one of the best channels for reaching your business goals and generating high-quality B2B leads. From creating a Company Page to promoting your products and services with LinkedIn’s various ad formats, there are multiple ways in which you can leverage the platform’s rich collection of Marketing & Business tools to drive valuable actions for your organization.

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LinkedIn advertising is a powerful way to identify, reach, and convert key decision makers into valuable customers for your business. Its unique targeting capabilities allow you to reach professionals by company name, industries & growth rate, company revenue, job functions, years of experience, demographics, fields of study and more. You can also leverage matched audiences to re-impact users by website visits, email lists or even create lookalikes.

Account-based Marketing

Use LinkedIn advertising to enhance your account-based Marketing strategy & easily reach your target companies.

Lead Generation

LinkedIn's Lead Gen native forms can help you drive more conversions while reducing extra steps for users.

Unique ad types

Take advantage of unique advertising formats such as Sponsored InMail & Spotlight ads, among others.

Targeting criteria

LinkedIn's segmentation criteria options allow you to reach a more professional audience than other platforms.

How does LinkedIn Advertising work?

To kick off your LinkedIn advertising strategy, we will start by implementing The Insight tag on your website – a piece of code that allows it to exchange information with your LinkedIn campaigns for better results. If you don’t have a Company Page for your organization, we will create and it optimize it for SEO.

You can tap into the platform’s potential with the following ad formats and capabilities:

  • Single image ad – these ads are mostly known as Sponsored content, and they consist of a banner accompanied by a brief description.
  • Carousel image ad – carousel ads are a collection of up to 10 image cards that allow you to showcase your products & services in a single ad.
  • Video ad – you can also opt for a video format to spread more brand awareness for your business in a visual way.
  • Text ad – simple, but powerful text-based ads that show up on the right column or at the top of LinkedIn’s feed.
  • Spotlight ad – a unique and dynamic ad format that allows companies to personalize ads combining them with users’ profile data.
  • Message ad – an ad format which gives the opportunity to send messages directly to the inbox of your target audience.
  • Conversation ad – an interactive advertising format for creating chatbot-like conversations with your audience.
  • Event ad – perfect for promoting your LinkedIn events natively, without taking people to an external platform.

Additionally, LinkedIn offers a variety of ways to re-impact your audience – such as retargeting by website visits, company page visits or lead gen form opens, remarketing by email lists and account lists, etc.

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