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Although ecommerce sales have skyrocketed over the past couple of years, the truth is that 80% of retail sales are still happening offline. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t leverage online Marketing strategies to generate revenue offline – with our Local Advertising services, you will be able to do exactly that.

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Google’s Local campaigns are designed to deliver the most detailed and relevant information about your business with the purpose of helping people decide when and how to visit your store. Local campaigns are focused on achieving your offline goals with the power of machine learning – and here are some of the biggest benefits that they offer.

Offline sales

Leverage online Marketing strategies to increase your offline sales and drive more revenue for your business.

Perfect timing

With local ads, your shop or restaurant will show up in the exact moment that people are looking for it.

Local Awareness

This cross-channel campaign type is great for driving local awareness and boosting traffic to your physical location.

Machine Learning

Leverage Google Ads' machine learning technology to promote your locations and maximize in-store value.

How do Local Campaigns work?

Local Campaigns offer a streamlined process to promote your physical location across Google’s largest networks, including Google Maps, the Google Search Network, YouTube, and the Google Display Network. This starts by linking your Google My Business account to define the store locations that you wish to promote. If you don’t have one, don’t worry – we will set it up for you as a part of our Local Advertising services.

Some other benefits of local ads include:

  • Get more store visits;
  • Drive more business calls;
  • Provide additional information about your company;
  • Build trust with your customers;
  • And even drive more website clicks.

The Marketing Toolbox team has a customer-centric approach to your campaigns. We will ensure that all of your products meet Google’s requirements, and all ad elements are carefully crafted to appeal to your target audience with the goal of driving more sales for your business.

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Why should you choose Marketing Toolbox

as your Local Ads Agency?


We are not a “set and forget” type of agency. Our team will constantly propose new strategies, ideas and campaign types so you can maximize the potential of your Local Ads.


With Marketing Toolbox, you will not have to worry about not getting enough visibility for your campaigns. We are 100% transparent with our results and everything we do.


Your success is our success. We want to be your trusted partner & help you grow your business with an honest & transparent approach. We are truly dedicated to achieving your goals.

Fast Response

We don’t want to make you wait, especially if you have a particular concern or urgency regarding your Local campaigns. We respond to all queries in one working day time.

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