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Getting your website on the top of Google search results is one of the best ways to boost your traffic. However, achieving it naturally through SEO takes time, consistent effort, and a lot of patience. But what can you do if you want to be seen today?

The answer is simple: paid search advertising, also known as Google search ads or text-based ads. With search ads, you can get on the top of all results in just a couple of days or less – and drive an almost instant visibility to your website and products.

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Harness the power of

paid search ads

With Google Ads, you can gain visibility and hop on the top almost instantly. All you need is to have clear Marketing and business goals, a decided budget, a good keyword research and an effective landing page to immediately begin your PPC campaigns. And of course – a trusted Google Ads agency. Here are some reasons why you should invest in paid search advertising:

Search intent

Reach your audience at the exact moment they are looking for a product or service like yours.

Instant traffic

Start driving traffic to your website within hours after launching your campaigns, and get results faster than SEO.

Quality leads

Paid search on Google Ads allows you to reach a highly targeted audience that is already interested in products like yours.

Data-driven results

Leveraging Google Ads' data to improve performance means that your campaigns will continuously get better over time.

How does paid search work?

Paid search is a Digital Marketing channel that allows advertisers to display text-based ads on the search engine results pages (SERPs) of search engines like Google and Bing. It works on a pay-per-click model (PPC), which means that as an advertiser, you only pay if a user has clicked on your ad. If the user has seen it, but hasn’t clicked on it, you won’t pay. This is different than impression-based advertising, in which companies pay per thousand impressions – in other words, per thousand views of the ad, whether the user has clicked or not.

How does Google determine who gets to show up on the top of search results? Advertisers identify the keywords that they want to bid on, and Google runs an auction every time there is an available ad space for these keywords. During the auction, the search engine looks at two key factors to determine where your ad ranks: the maximum price that you are willing to spend per click (maximum bid), and the quality of your ads. This will determine the ad rank and who gets the best position.

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We are not a “set and forget” type of agency. Our team will constantly propose new strategies, ideas and campaign types so you can maximize the potential of your Search Ads.


With Marketing Toolbox, you will not have to worry about not getting enough visibility for your campaigns. We are 100% transparent with our results and everything we do.


Your success is our success. We want to be your trusted partner & help you grow your business with an honest & transparent approach. We are truly dedicated to achieving your goals.

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We don’t want to make you wait, especially if you have a particular concern or urgency regarding your Search campaigns. We respond to all queries in one working day time.

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