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One of the first steps when it comes to implementing a successful SEO campaign is performing a comprehensive technical SEO audit. In other words, what is your current positioning on search engines? How do you compare to your competitors? What are the obstacles that are preventing you from ranking on the first page of Google? With our technical SEO Audit services, you will be able to see exactly what’s going wrong, and how to make it right for a long-term success.

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Competition on search engines is getting more fierce by day, and the importance of showing up on the first page is ever-growing. According to multiple studies, 90% of all users that search on Google are more likely to click on the first set of results, and only 25% of them ever go to the second page. For this reason, it’s essential to conduct an SEO audit and find out what’s keeping you from getting one step ahead of your competitors and boosting your traffic tremendously.

Improve Performance

A comprehensive SEO audit is essential if you want to improve your website's performance and increase traffic.

Current positioning

Discover which keywords you are actually ranking for, and what are your areas of improvement for better results.


Discover what your competitors are doing in Search Engine Optimization so you can always be one step ahead.


Identify your strengths and weaknesses to improve your rankings and position on Google's first page.

How does a technical SEO audit work?

Every Search Engine Optimization campaign starts by carrying out a detailed website audit. Audits are essential not only for understanding how your current website is built, but also for analyzing and correcting any technical errors that could be holding you back. This way, we can establish a solid foundation for your SEO strategy.

Our SEO audit includes, but is not limited to:

  • Site crawling – is your website indexed in Google? Are all pages accessible and crawlable?
  • Broken links – do you have any broken links that are worsening user experience on the website?
  • Content – do you have any bad, duplicate, or thin content? Is the text neat and easy to read?
  • On-page analysis – do you have original content, relevant keywords, good images, etc.
  • Site architecture – is the site built in a hierarchical manner? Does it have an appropriate internal linking?
  • Website speed – is your website fast enough to comply with Google’s Web Core Vitals update?
  • Off-page analysis – are you building your website with authority, high-quality backlinks?
  • Mobile-friendliness – is your website mobile friendly? How fast does it load on mobile?

Identifying and fixing your website’s current issues can have a great impact on your rankings, and can get you ahead of your competitors. We will provide a thorough analysis of every specific issue down to its URL, and we will provide recommendations on how to fix it and prevent it in the future.

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We are not a “set and forget” type of agency. Our team will constantly propose new strategies and creative ideas so you can maximize the potential of your SEO campaign.


With Marketing Toolbox, you will not have to worry about not getting enough visibility for your campaigns. We are 100% transparent with our results and everything we do.


Your success is our success. We want to be your trusted partner & help you grow your business with an honest & transparent approach. We are truly dedicated to achieving your goals.

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