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Although not as big as Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is one of the most important players in the social media landscape. With over 330 million active users and +5000 tweets sent every single second, it allows you to drive more traffic to your website and generate conversions from people’s timelines. As a Twitter Advertising Agency, we will help you cut through the noise and get your brand seen among thousands of tweets.

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While Twitter isn’t usually the first advertising platform to come to mind when companies are planning their Digital Marketing strategy, its advertising opportunities are growing at a rapid pace. Additionally, Twitter offers some unique targeting features that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Here are some of the biggest benefits of Twitter advertising:

Keyword targeting

Other platforms like Facebook doesn't allow you to target by keywords or hashtags - but Twitter does!

Engager targeting

Another unique way to reach your audience is to target those who recently saw or engaged with your tweets.


Due to lack of fierce competition, Twitter Advertising is also quite affordable compared to other platforms.

Pay for Performance

In terms of lead generation, Twitter can be quite powerful as it allows you to pay only upon reaching a certain objective.

How does Twitter Advertising work?

Twitter provides a great opportunity for driving traffic and conversions to your website. Explore the different Twitter ad formats that you can leverage for your goals:

  • Image ads – they allow you to showcase your products or services with a single photo, accompanied by brief text;
  • Video ads – you can also promote your videos and bring your products to life in a more visual way;
  • Carousel ads – a series of images (up to 6) that can be swiped horizontally, allowing you to showcase multiple products;
  • Moment ads – perfect for telling an immersive story by creating and promoting a collection of Tweets;
  • Text ads – simple ads that blend perfectly with the feed so you can reach your target audience with the right message.
  • Follower ads – perfect for building awareness and attracting more Twitter followers

As a transparent Twitter Advertising Agency, The Marketing Toolbox team has a customer-centric approach to your campaigns. We will ensure that all of your products meet Twitter’s requirements, and all ad elements are carefully crafted to appeal to your target audience with the goal of driving more sales for your business.

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Why should you choose Marketing Toolbox

as your Twitter Ads Agency?


We are not a “set and forget” type of agency. Our team will constantly propose new strategies, ideas and campaign types so you can maximize the potential of your Twitter Ads.


With Marketing Toolbox, you will not have to worry about not getting enough visibility for your campaigns. We are 100% transparent with our results and everything we do.


Your success is our success. We want to be your trusted partner & help you grow your business with an honest & transparent approach. We are truly dedicated to achieving your goals.

Fast Response

We don’t want to make you wait, especially if you have a particular concern or urgency regarding your Twitter campaigns. We respond to all queries in one working day time.

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